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familiar/unfamiliar: Under the same light

In the opening exhibition of the season, Familiar/Unfamiliar, Capizzo Studio & Gallery is, for the first time, devoting the entire gallery to the fine art of photography. Introducing over 30 prints of original work by photo artists Kenny Ingle, Lara Parent and Morgan Anderson.

Market Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand (2015) by Kenny Ingle. Courtesy of the artist.

Photography truly is fine art, in the same stature as painting and sculpture. Though the tools of the photographers are similiar, their perspectives are unique. They find joy in pointing their lens to capture the familiar in unexpected ways. The exhibition aims to interrupt our internal dialogue to reflect on what are seemingly ordinary moments or spaces. It is an intimate study of fleeting, transitory moments—the fascinating way that light bounces off a building, strangers we cross paths with, or the ephemeral beauty of nature.

Through experiencing Familiar/Unfamiliar, the artists invite the audience to expand their perception as they tune into the ordinary and discover that it is, in fact, deeper than it seems.

Meet the Artists

Kenny Ingle is a photographer from Ann Arbor, Michigan who finds his subjects both locally and globally. From around the corner to Bangkok, Thailand, Ingle journeys through the vast world to capture his poignant images.

“I feel where I find the most joy is coming upon scenes or events and documenting them that are very unscripted, or undirected,” he said. “I enjoy the discovery of a story and that story can very well be something that I am trying to understand myself, or is a story that I am creating.”

Checker Players, Bangkok, Thailand (2015) by Kenny Ingle. Courtesy of the artist.

Photomaton, Metro Station, Paris, France (2015) by Kenny Ingle. Courtesy of the artist.

The exhibition will spotlight 10 of Ingle’s profound figurative works that speak to the essence of him as a photographer. His deeply emotive photographs of strangers throughout the world remind us that we are all connected in our humanity. There is an untold story to be found in the joy of the checker players in Bangkok, Thailand, or in the connection some may feel with the woman in Paris who was captured applying makeup in a private moment behind a curtain while seated inside a photobooth.

“At this moment there are countless, single-frame stories happening all over the world. Some narratives last a fraction of a second and some may unfold over long periods of time. Either way they are ours to grab and to share. I want my images to not only take my audience to the places I have been, but to also feel the emotions I felt when I was looking through the lens.”

–– Kenny Ingle

Morgan Anderson is a Chicago-based photographer that specializes in fine art and commercial photography. Anderson’s Even In Alleys series is an exceptional look at the way our perception plays a role in how we respond to the world around us. Through the marvelous eyes of Anderson, fences, shadows, and patches of mismatched paint are transformed into stunning works of art.

08.05.21 7:23AM (2021) by Morgan Anderson. Courtesy of the artist.

06.11.21 8:00AM (2021) by Morgan Anderson. Courtesy of the artist.

The contrast of light and shadow found in ordinary spaces produce images that are absolutely awe-inspiring. These luminous photographs reveal that art resides in even the most unassuming places.

In Anderson’s artist statement, he writes:

“This series celebrates perception, feeling, and the essential joy of looking. I explore the borders between public and private spaces in search of elements. Based on what I see, and with fidelity to the scene, I create an image that elevates the mundane to something worthy of contemplation. Working diligently with composition and subtle adjustments, I create a balance between ordinary & majestic, organic & geometric, familiar & confounding, chaos & order, tangible & implied. By resolving every element and activating the entire image space, the viewer should feel encouraged and rewarded by exploration.”

Lara Parent is a fine art and lifestyle photographer based here in Michigan. As an artist who is “forever in awe of the intense beauty of nature and the magic of everyday moments,” Parent’s spell-binding photographs succeed in capturing the ethereal magnificence of nature.

Dune Study I (2022) by Lara Parent. Courtesy of the artist.

Release (2022) by Lara Parent. Courtesy of the artist.

Parent merges Earth’s natural resources with the otherworldly, and the result is quite mystical. Dunes are not merely sand, but astonishing landscapes of white and gold treasure. Glaciers, too, are transformed from frozen water to shimmering ice pools of light.

“My eyes rarely rest, they are almost always composing. When I look at light and shadow, I see possibiliites. In this vast landscape, there is always something to see. There is beauty everywhere. My eyes act as the lens and my mind is constantly putting a frame around what I see. I'm an analog soul living in a digital world.”

–– Lara Parent


The distinct, unscripted perspectives of photographers Kenny Ingle, Lara Parent, and Morgan Anderson encourage viewers to see beyond just looking. Familiar/Unfamiliar holds the transformative power to perpetually alter the way that we perceive a dune, an alley, or a stranger on the train. “I want them to feel that they are empowered to feel beauty, to feel emotion. I would like the evening to change them in that way,” said Capizzo Studio’s owner Nick Cappelletti.

The opening reception, with artists in attendence, for Familiar/Unfamiliar will be held on Saturday, April 22nd from 5-8 p.m. at Capizzo Studio. The exhibition will be on view from April 20th-30th.

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