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Capizzo Studio

Capizzo Studio was founded by Nick Cappelletti and Michelle Pizzo. The building went through renovations in 2020, with modern architecture and many windows for natural light. Capizzo Studio includes in indoor area with a main gallery, two smaller galleries, studio work space, and a full kitchen. There are also large open outdoor areas with space to gather, showcase sculptures, and a stage for performances. 

The first main event opening Capizzo was in the Spring of 2021. Since then, Capizzo has had nearly a dozen events to gather artists, creatives, and art consumers. 


Capizzo has enlarged its collection to outsider and unconventional art to fine art 2D works, sculpture, jewelery, books, furniture, and vintage items. 

While not only being a gallery for showcasing the Capizzo collection, the space is also available to rent for hosting private events such as bridal showers, baby showers, wedding rehersals, business meetings, and more! 


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