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Artist Submissions

​We are always looking to expand our representation of artists and showcase fresh work for shows and events at our gallery. 

This upcoming season we have a couple specific events you can submit to. Read about those below. 

To be considered, you must include your email, a concise message describing your artwork and career, and a link to view recent artwork.

What are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting!

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Emerging Artist Room Rental

Ongoing applications

Date: Ongoing throughout 2023 

Cost: $250 plus promotion, and hosting.

Commission fee for work sold, 70/30

Who: Emerging artists are early in their career, exploring new ideas, and may not have had exposure in the gallery world yet. Fine artists of any medium: painting, sculpture, pottery, installation, metal, glass, wood, photography, etc.


What: Display your work in a formal gallery setting. You occupy the space of one of the small rooms off the main gallery, the space is yours to curate a body of your work. Set up Wednesday, show Thursday-Saturday, including an open house recepeption, and take down Sunday. You promote, display, and host your show with your vision and our help!

Interested in this opportunity? Fill out the submission form above and check off 'Emerging Artist Room Rental.'

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